Age of Resistance

Been looking forward to the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. I’ve had the original movie on every medium since VHS. And watched it at least 20 tines.

Stop here if you don’t want Age of Resistance spoilers.

Some things about episode one confuse me. AoR is billed as a prequel. That sets the expectation this is the same world. The same characters and species and related events. It should end the series setting the events of the original movie.

In that light, having watched just the first episode…

  1. Where are the Mystics? They are linked to the Skeksis. When one dies their linked other also does. AoR presents the Skeksis as alien visitors who take the Crystal.
  2. The Skeksis in the movie get sustenance from light. AoR makes it look like they used to do the same and switched to getting it from the gelflings which is why they got wiped out… erm… resisting. But, if they got wiped out, the Skeksis should have died out, but I guess they went back to getting it from Crystal?
  3. The machines to suck out the gelfling essence cracked the Crystal. Which seems like setting up the explanation for the Crystal shard, except the movie says the creation of the shard created the Mystics and Skeksis.

Anyway, guess I need to finish watching to decide if they make more sense.

From Age of Resistance published August 31, 2019 at 11:47AM.

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