Bag Man

Apparently Kickstarter has decided I fit the profile of someone who wants the perfect bag.

One reason why I love winter is I can justify wearing a coat. My favorite coat has a gallon in pocket space. I can carry ALL THE CRAP. Phone, novel, notebook, pens, change, receipts, camera, chargers, headphones, batteries, highlighter, Sharpie, etc. The coat becomes my purse.

I even have an October 2009 Facebook post:

Excited I get to wear my purse… I mean… coat this morning.

Tons of backpacks or bags occupy my life. A couple work laptop ones. A couple personal laptop ones. One for pool stuff like a towel, snacks, and sunscreen. Three gym bags so I can make sure I have clothes for when I go. An “engineer’s bag” that was the first attempt at a purse. A messenger bag a friend gave me for Christmas which looks better.

I keep a packed suitcase with a week’s worth of clothes packed so I would not have to pack in an emergency. Not quite at a survivalist’s Go Bag level.

Do I need a new bag? In general, I have plenty of bags. They serve their purposes. And I get yet another bag at every conference I attend which gives me an oversupply. Probably I should give away some of them. Maybe a needy school kid can use a BbWorld bag? All the conference bags are pretty lame. The Kickstarter ones look pretty awesome.

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From Bag Man published August 24, 2016 at 06:29PM.


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