Solution to Black-On-Black Crime

(This post on black-on-black crime is satire. Thought I would point that out before someone gets too upset over it.)

A Georgia state lawmakers showed concern about the amount of black-on-black crime. He is obviously referencing the FBI homicide statistics for perpetrator race. Fortunately the actual number is lower than the 98% he claimed. But he’s not wrong that a large majority of homicides of black people are by another black person at 90% in 2013. Here is the thing. The same table shows 83% of white homicides were by another white person. It seems likely both communities have a common problem. They both spend too much time around people of their own race.

If your true goal is to lower black-on-black crime rates or white-on-white crime rates, then the best solution is to effectively mix the races so much they are willing to murder across racial boundaries. People tend to kill the kinds of people with whom they spend their time. If you rarely are around people of another race, then your opportunities are fewer. Mixing the races such that people are just people will do wonders to ending the black-on-black crime problem.

His remarks though were that all this concern about eviscerating the Confederate flag or memorials were to hide this black-on-black crime problem and other issues with the black community. He also describes the KKK as vigilantes necessary for law and order. So I in no way expect him to agree better racial integration is an appropriate solution.

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From Solution to Black-On-Black Crime published January 30, 2016 at 10:44AM.

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