Whining Apparently Works

Amazon heavily pushed their Kindle Unlimited product the past couple months. Basically, it is a Netflix for books kind of service where you can read whatever you want for $10 a month. With over a million titles, there should be plenty of titles I’d read. I was whining about the frequency of the same ad not about getting them in general.

I am a likely candidate as I have read 113 books bought and read through the Kindle service. (Not sure how many loaded through USB.) This is Amazon’s own data through the Your Books page. I also have two in progress and about 200 more I still need to read. So, obviously from their perspective, I am a reader, so I get their pushing the Unlimited product. But, I at least want to get the unread number down to 10-20 before opening consideration of Unlimited or one of the rivals.

However, it got to the point I was getting near daily notifications (both phones and tablet). I went looking for a setting in the Kindle to make the madness stop. Not finding a way on my own, I emailed support to explain I get how by the numbers I am exactly who they want as a customer, but how can I stop getting these notifications?

Harendra said he made a change to stop that advertisement. That was great. BONUS: My advertisement supported Kindle? No longer has any ads. The inquiry was sent from my phone app and the reply contained the original which clearly noted the phone model in it. So, I imagine if they could just stop it from the app, then they would. That suggests they have no real granular control over what is advertised or what notifications. Just whether or not we get them. I’ll take it.

Of course, I have had this Kindle for about five years and have bought dozens of things through it, so it is also possible Amazon feels they have gotten their money’s worth out of it.

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From Whining Apparently Works published January 09, 2016 at 06:21PM.

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