Review: Insurgent

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

While I read Divergent for the Not Your Oprah’s Book Club, I had no intention of finishing the series. That stance changed when I decided I should watch the movie for Insurgent since my trainer talked about getting an extra part in it. Maybe his scene got cut, but it would be cool to look for him like I watched Zombieland to look for my cousin.

Much of my review about book one applies to this book two as well. Factions seemed derived. The conspiracy was weak and forced. I kept hoping that the whole book would be revealed to all be a simulation because that was the only thing that could save the plot. The big reveal was obvious from very early in the book.

This book gave me more of Four like I’d wanted from book one. (Book three apparently even makes him a narrator, which is an odd change given books one and two only follow Tris’ perspective.) Also better is he got to have a backbone, have feelings, and even express himself. Tris also better developed across this book compared to what I recall of the first.

I’m watching The Americans with the organizer of the book club and others. Something making me uncomfortable in that show is one of the handlers developing a dancing along statutory rape relationship with a teenager in order to get access to her CIA father’s house to record information. Phillip is in his thirties and the girl in her teens. Four is 18 and Tris 16. But I still feel like Four is an adult while Tris is pretending like the teen in the Americans. By this world’s standards Tris is an adult, so maybe I am on the wrong side of this. Also, I’m not so interested in love stories in general, so that I care at all makes me more squirmy.

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From Review: Insurgent published March 21, 2015 at 10:23AM.

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