Goodreads Imports Amazon Purchases

When Amazon bought Goodreads, the main hope for me was a tighter integration.

Many of the books I read have a variety of editions, so I have to figure out which one to select on Goodreads. Different editions might even have the same cover, so it can be a challenge. If the book is an ebook, then the ASIN is definitive.

Importing my purchases into Goodreads would be easier on me. So I do love the new Add Your Amazon Books to Goodreads. It only shows those books I’ve purchased on Amazon but not added to Goodreads, so I do not have to scroll through hundreds of books to find the new purchases. They are also organized so the newest purchase sits first. Finally, it does not automatically add books which means I have to mark them as to-read, currently-reading, or read one-by-one. That is fine, as I have some sets I bought on Amazon that I list individually on Goodreads.

Overall, I am pretty pleased and caught up on some listings I missed.

A listing of oddities…

  • If Goodreads librarians did not add books correctly, then the there might be a mismatch in editions.

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