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The Share-Based Economy

Not even sure how this came up, but someone explained to me how it infuriated him that because the Boy Scouts of America decided not to accept homosexual scout leaders Walt Disney stopped sponsoring them. It was not right for Disney to do that.

First, I asked if it would be right for some other company to stop giving money to BSA if they took the opposite stance and did accept homosexual scout leaders. He realized that was a trick question and refused to answer it. I was not going to get him to see it from the other side.

Next, I approached it from a publicity standpoint. The BSA does not really care where they get sponsors, just that they make enough to thrive as an organization and achieve their mission. When a sponsor pulls their money, demonize them as far and wide as you can. People get so upset the “victim” makes up for it and more. He brought up the Chic-fil-A boycott where they had record day, maybe weeks, because supporters came out to help.

The scary part of the Internet is people getting caught up in the emotionally manipulating stories not realizing it. Some are obvious. Others are very subtle. It is not just one demographic, but all of us. Even those of us who consider ourselves rational. Well, especially us. Everyone else are in the wrong.

Divisiveness in the end tears us apart. It keeps us from seeing things from the perspective of others.

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