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My Xanga Mess

Recently a friend despaired over Xanga shutting down. I incorrectly recalled a couple years ago they had a tool for migrating content to WordPress. (I probably confused it with Vox, LiveJournal, MovableType, Friendster’s blog, or Posterous who did have such a tool which I did use to migrate my content.) So I thought I had migrated my stuff.

Instead back then I manually migrated the posts, including comments.

Now Xanga has an archives generator (XML) which is compatible with WordPress. That was much easier than post-by-post copying and pasting.

But it also means 2001 to 2004 are duplicated. And I was terribly inconsistent about titling, merging posts, comments, and private/public status.

On the plus side, reading all those old those old posts is enlightening.

    1. I write too much about work.
    2. Most of what I wrote could have been tweets as they were less than 140 characters. (Or nudged to be so.)
    3. 10-12 years changes little. Same problems.

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Resolution Progress 2013: First Half

  1. Read 52 books. Today, at 1/2 through the year, I should be at 26 books read. I am at 32.
  2. Post 180 blog entries. Today at 1/2 through the year, I should be at 90 blog posts published. I am at 44.
  3. A dSLR photograph a week. Pretty much gave up at the first quarter.

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Drinking Sweet Tea

Amber Yellow circle ring pattern glasses

Amber Yellow circle ring pattern glasses

… from a glass which my mother gave me from my grandmother’s estate. There is nothing physically valuable about it. Just simple melted silicon with maybe sulfur. (Maybe they are something friends who collect things from the 60s and 70s would like.)

Found them on listed on Etsy as:

Amber Yellow circle ring pattern glasses: 3 Nice Amber-Yellow glasses. They have a 70s vibe, circle/ring pattern. Would make a nice large glass of tea on a hot summer day. Enjoy!

So it is funny that I am drinking tea on a hot summer day (the thing the description above says to use them for).

Their value is in reminding me of hanging out on her deck playing a game, talking about the plans for how to improve the flowers, mowing her yard, and playing with my cousins. Oh, and watching movies she recorded on her VCR.

They make me smile. :)

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Disqus Unsubscribe from Comments

Monday after the Game of Thrones Red Wedding reveal, I read a Rolling Stones piece where the author had no clue the song played was the Rains of Castemere, the title of the episode. So, of course, I had to point out that oversight. (Someone on the Internet was WRONG!)

The commenting system RS used is Disqus, which I am using here, so no problem. Until I get the flood of emails. I had been holding steady at 2.1GB of my 10.1GB at Gmail. All the emails to this thread bumped it up to 2.3GB.

So I went looking for how to stop it. There was no list of posts to which I am subscribed like at The only relevant place to fix this seemed to be the profile editor and “Email notifications are sent when comments are posted on discussions that matter to you.” That would stop all comment notifications not just the busy one annoying me. I even deleted my comment which did not stop them.

Finally, I sucked it up and went into the help and found the Subscribe/Unsubscribe from Notifications page. It turns out, I had to go to the page and click on the “Subscribe via email” link at the bottom of the comment box. Pretty sure I never would have thought to look there on my own.

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