IFTTT Twitter Triggers

Because of Twitter’s impending API terms changes (how third parties can access their service), third parties like If-This-Then-That are dropping Twitter. Ugh.

I only had two recipes using Twitter.

    1. Post any tweets I tag #ln to LinkedIn. I don’t even think I triggered it once.
    2. Copy my tweets to Dropbox. I deleted both, but decided I needed to replicate the Dropbox one.

So I went to search.twitter.com to make an RSS feed of a search on my name since I knew that would work. Only I could not find an option to get the link to the RSS feed for the search. I even looked for RSS and atom in the HTML. So I went to Google Reader where I was sure I have such an RSS feed. Sure enough, there is one.

In IFTTT, I setup a recipe to append to a text file anything matching the RSS on the search for my username.

The RSS method is better than the Twitter trigger in that it will capture replies. (I’ll be honest that I considered trying this RSS method seconds seconds after seeing the results of the Twitter trigger.) It is worse in that it will collect spammer and phisher tweets.

And to be honest, I suspect Twitter will kill the RSS feeds on searches at some point in the near future. They are trying to become more of a walled garden. Which sucks for those of us who love it for not being a walled garden.

The suspicion is why I have not posted how to make your own. I know. I suck. But proliferating my trick probably will kill off the feature I like even faster.

UPDATE: Oh… And Google Drive was not an option at the time I originally created the recipe. Instead of using Dropbox, I used Google Drive.

from Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

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