Restore Line Breaks

File this under external brain notes. I figure I will need to do this again or explain it to someone else.

Outlook removes line breaks. This probably works fine for people who work in a normal job. As I work in computers, removing these often breaks the formatting and makes the message unintelligible. For example, command output where the command should be on one line and the results on the next, removing the line breaks makes the command and results appear on the same line.

So I am trained now to look for “Extra line breaks in this message were removed” when an email makes little sense. I went Googling for how to permanently remove them. Most of the results were for older versions. For Outlook 2010, the process appears to be:

    1. Click on File.
    2. Click on Options (left side)
    3. Click on the Mail Tab
    4. Scroll down to next to last section: Message Format
    5. Click on “Remove extra line breaks in plain text messages”.

Done. Easy.

from Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

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