Gracie Died

William With the Petrified Furball 2006

William With the Petrified Furball 2006

It has not been a very good six weeks for my mother. Her mother and one of her three cats died during this period.

Way back in 1995, I had just moved from Mom’s house to Dad’s. Mom decided to get another cat. I guess Winnie needed company or something like that? William was still living with Mom, so they found Misty and brought her home.

Gracie was a stray Dad found in the street not long after. He brought her home. But she eventually ended up at Mom’s for William. That brought Mom’s cat count to three. She eventually ended up with a fourth who hung around the house and was sometimes inside.

Winnie passed in 2006 at 17 years old. (A week after a took her chair from Mom’s house.) Gracie just passed at about 17 years old. That leaves Mom with two: Tom and Misty.

Gracie as Kitten 1995

Gracie as Kitten 1995

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