Weekly Roundup for Feb 17, 2012

  • Making this easy: LMS Evaluations — Laura makes a good point that a product selection is more about identifying something that fits your institution’s culture. If it does not fit, then somethinge has to bend or break: a corporation who has other clients who picked the company who fit, a open source group whose members voluntarily joined, or the college who made the mistake of picking the wrong product.
  • connect.me — new site where you vouch for others by tagging them for their skills, knowledge, or experience.
  • Soulpancacke: Heart Attack
  • Science, Software Carpentry, and the Discipline to Hack — how can regular people become developers?
  • Why we pick bad leaders, and how to spot the good ones — “These seven leadership attributes — integrity, vision, judgment, passion, courage, empathy and emotional intelligence– are all the hallmarks of great leaders, regardless of industry or geography. By gearing any candidate assessment towards these traits — and away from false predictors of success, like a sparkling personality, a polished resume, or good interview skills — you will be one big step ahead of the rest of the crowd who are still scratching their heads wondering why they are so bad at picking good leaders.”

from Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4


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